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Book online | G.F.Haddad: Merits of al-Sham al-Sharif

Forty Narrations on The Immense Merits of al-Shâm Compiled and translated by GF Haddad The Arabic word al-Shâm has been left untranslated for lack of an English equivalent. It is originally written and pronounced al-Sha'm

Hadith: In Poetry is wisdom

Ibn Asakir relates, in his history of Damascus, that a person said to Jamil: “If you read the Qoran, it would be more profitable for you than composing poetry;” to which Jamil replied: “There is

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Kathir ibn Qays said: "I was sitting with Abu al-Darda' in the mosque of Damascus. A man came to him and said: Abu al-Darda', I have come to you from the city