Qasida | Imam al-Busiri: Hamziyya – القصيدة الهمزية للإمام البوصيري

Qasida | Imam al-Busiri: Hamziyya – القصيدة الهمزية للإمام البوصيري

Busiri: Al-Hamziyya

By Imam Sharaf al-Din Muhammad al-Busiri (d. H.)
القصيدة الهمزية في مدح خير البرية
للإمام شرف الدين أبي عبد الله محمد البوصيري (ت هـ)

About the Hamziyya
Imam Al-Busiri wrote this 456 verse poem in praises’ of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
Verses 1 to 13: The history of the Prophet ﷺ from birth to his emmigration to Madina.


Sheikh Muhammad al-Busiri was born in the village of Busir in Egypt in 608 A.H. and passed away in 1212 CE, during the reign of Al-Malik al Adil from the Ayyubi family, who were decendants of the famous Salah al-Din.
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Text & Translations


101-198: His actions and habits and the praises of the Qoran.
199-252: Jews and Nasarenes and their enmity towards Islam.
253-280: The hypocrites of Madina and the Unbelievers of Mecca.
281-325: His anxiety to visit Medina and the description of his journey thereto.
326-389: Praises for the Prophet, his family and companions, and
390 to the end are about his own repentence and ends in prayers for Mercy for the Prophet.


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Poetical meterKhafifالخفيف
فاعلاتن مستفعلن فاعلاتن
| /.//./. | /././/. | /.//./. |


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