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﷽ Imam Shurunbulali is Abul Ikhlas Hasan ibn `Ammar ibn `Ali al Shurunbulali al Wafa’i (964-1069 H.), a major Hanafi imam and verifier (muhaqiq) whose works form an integral part of the school ...
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Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is a man, but not like other men He is like a ruby amongst common stones

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Imam Ahmad Raza Khan d. 1340 H. (1921 CE.) in Bareilly, India Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
By Mohammad Monawwar Ateeq Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (d.1921), conventionally known as a leader of the twentieth century Ahl-e Sunnat wa Jama’at tradition (people of the Sunna and the majority) to its followers and to others as the Barewli Movement, was an alim and sufi in British India. He was born a year before the civil and military revolt of 1857 and was traditionally educated by his father, Mufti Naqi Ali Khan (d.1880) at home in Bareilly, under whom he completed the Dars-e Nizami ...
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Hadith al-Rahma | Isnads of Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi شيوخ السيد محمد أبو الهدى اليعقوبي في حديث الرحمة المسلسل بالأولية Tab links: Hadith | Istanbul 2011 | Damascus 1998 ...
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Introduction to the Science of Tajwid From Al-Mufid – Useful Tips on Tajwid
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Brief history
Definition of Tajweed
The etiqutte of reciting the Quran
Modes of recitation
Beginning a recitation
The basmala ...
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Kitab al-Tanwir Write-ups and recordings of Sessions 2011
﷽ Course Literature:
The Book of Enlightenment on Dropping Self-Management
By Sh. Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandary
ابن عطاء السكندري : كتلب التنوير في إسقات التدبير
Arabic text | English transl. by Ibrahim Hakim
Teaching Language: English / Arabic For more, please login… ...
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