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The Drink of Love (The Realities of His Unity)- (اشرب شراب الحب (حقائق التوحيد
I love you twice – أحبك حبين
Bahr al-Jamal – بحر الجمال
Remembrance of Allah – عليك بذكر الله Praise of the Prophet ﷺ Sonnet to ...
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‘Amr ibn al-‘As عمرو بن العاص
d. ? H. in Egypt
radiya Allah anhu Tab links: English | Türkçe | عربي | Maqams | Refs ﷽ A sahaba … English Abu Dharr al-Ghafari Scanned from “Companions of The Prophet”, Vol. 1, By: Abdul Wahid Hamid. View on | damas Jundub ibn Junadah, nicknamed Abu Dharr, was a member of the Ghifari tribe that lived in the Waddan valley outside Makka. He was known for his courage, his calmness and his far-sightedness … … During the caliphate of Uthman, he stayed in Damascus and saw the Muslims’ concern for the ...
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Abu Shayba al Khudri أبو شيبة الخدري
d. 49 H. in Istanbul, Turkey (670 CE) sahabi
radiya Allah anhu Tab links: English | Türkçe | عربي | Burial Place | Refs ﷽ The Sahabah who is martyred and buried in Istanbul.
According to a narration, he is the milk brother of the Prophet ﷺ . English Abu Shayba al Khudri Abū Shayba al-Khudrī was indeed amongst the Companions that came to and died before the city walls of Constantinople. He is also mentioned in al-Istīʿāb by Ibn ʿAbd al-Barr (d. 463/1070) as follows:
Abū Shayba al-Khuḍrī heard the Prophet, ...
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Abu Ayyub al Ansari أبو أيوب الأنصاري
d. 54 H. in Istanbul, Turkey (674 CE) sahaba
radiya Allah anhu Tab links: English | Türkçe | عربي | Maqam | Other Maqams | ﷽ Sahabah from the people of Madina, buried in Istanbul English Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Khalid ibn Zayd ibn Kulayb from the Banu Najjar was a great and close companion of the Prophet ﷺ. He was known as Abu Ayyub (the father of Ayyub) and enjoyed a privilege which many of the Ansar in Madinah hoped they would have. When the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be ...
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Shaykh Muhammad Zhafir (the son) الشيخ محمد بن حمزة ظافر المدني
b. 1244 in Tarablus, Misrata (Libya) – d. 1321 H. in Istanbul (1829 – 1903 CE)
qaddasa Allah sirrahu Tab links: Türkçe | English | عربي | Maqam | References ﷽ He took the noble Shadhili Path from his father Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad b. Hamza Zhafir al-Madani and others – May Allah be pleased with all of them English Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Zhafir
b. 1244 in Misrata – d. 1321 H. in Istanbul (1829 – 1903 CE) He is the son of Sayyiduna Shaykh Muhammad bin Hamza Zhafir who ...
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Hadith al-Rahma al musalsal bil-awwaliyya Tab links: English | Türkçe | Svenska | عربي | ﷽
الرَّاحِمُونَ يَرْحَمُهُم الرَّحْمن (تبارك وتعالى)
اِرْحَمُوا مَنْ فِي الْأَرْضِ يَرْحَمكُمْ مَنْ فِي السِّمَاء
To those who show mercy, the Merciful will show Mercy.
Show mercy to those on earth, then (the Angels) in heaven will show mercy to you.
View pdf English The hadith of Mercy (Hadith al-Rahma) is normally the first hadith that a teacher of Ahl al-Sunnah transmits to his or her students, in order to remind them of the Mercy of Allah. Mercy is also an attribute of His Messenger, ...
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Ayat al-Shifa Verses of healing from the Noble Quran
Arabic | Arabic-English | Arabic-Urdu View PDF | Download | Arabic-Urdu Imam Abul Qasim al-Qushyyri (rahimahu Allah) said:
“My on fell seriously ill. I then saw the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in my dream, and he said ﷺ : What happened to you? I said: The state of my son. He ﷺ said to me: What about the Ayat of Shifa? I said: I don’t know them. – So I payed head and recited the Khatam of the Noble Quran, and everytime I came a across a an Ayah ...
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Isra wa Mi’raj
From Mawlid al-Imam al-Barzanji (rahimahu Allah)
View PDF in English | Turkish Tab links: English-Arabic | Türkçe-Arapçada ...
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