Book online | Bukhari: Jami’ al-Sahih – English

Book online | Bukhari: Jami’ al-Sahih – English

Jami'al-Sahih (Collection of Sahih Hadiths)

By Imam Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-Bukhari (d. 256 H.)
English Translation by Aisha Bewley (Revision in progress)  


Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Revelation

Chapter 2. The Book of Belief (Iman)

Chapter 3: The Book of Knowledge

Chapter 4. The Book of Wudu’

Chapter 5: The Book of Ghusl

Chapter 6. Book of Menstruation

Chapter 7: Book of Tayammum

Chapter 8: Book of Prayer

Chapter 9: Clothing in the Prayer

Chapter 10: The Qibla

Chapter 11: Mosques

Chapter 12. The Sutra of the One who Prays

Chapter 13. Book of the times of the Prayer

Chapter 14. Book of the Adhan

Chapter 15: The Group Prayer and the Imam

Chapter 16. The Description of the Prayer

Chapter 17. Book of Jumu’a

Chapter 18. Book of the Fear Prayer

Chapter 19. Book of the Two ‘Ids

Chapter 20. The Witr Prayer

Chapter 21. The Rain Prayer

Chapter 22. Book of Eclipses

Chapter 23. The Prostration of Qur’an Recitation

Chapter 24. Shortening the Prayer

Chapter 25. Tahajjud Prayers

Chapter 26. Chapters Dealing with Actions in the Prayer

Chapter 27. Chapters on Forgetfulness (sahw)

Chapter 28. The Book of Funerals

Chapter 29. Book of Zakat

Chapter 30. Sadaqat Al-Fitr

Chapter 31. Book of Hajj

Chapter 32. Chapters on ‘Umra

Chapter 33. Chapters on Being Prevented from Finishing Hajj or ‘Umra and the Requital For hunting

Chapter 34. Chapters on the Virtues of Madina

Chapter 35. Book of Fasting

Chapter 35. The Book of Tarawih Prayers

Chapter 36. Book of I’tikaf

Chapter 37. Book of Sales

Chapter 38. Book of the Salam Sale

Chapter 39. Book of Pre-Emption

Chapter 40. Book of Hiring

Chapter 41. Book of Hawala (Debt-transfer)

Chapter 42. Book of Sureties (Kafala)

Chapter 43. Book of Authorisation (Wakala)

Chapter 44. Book of Agriculture and Sharecropping

Chapter 45. Book of Limited Sharecropping and Water

Chapter 46. Book of Asking for Loans, Paying Debts, Freezing Funds and Bankruptcy

Chapter 47. Book of Disputes

Chapter 48. Book of Lost Property

Chapter 49. Book of Injustices

Chapter 50. Book of Partnership

Chapter 51. Book of Pledges

Chapter 52. Book of Setting Free

Chapter 53. Chapter on the Mukatab

Chapter 54. The Book of Gifts and their Excellence

Chapter 55. Book of Testimony

Chapter 58. Book of Reconciliation

Chapter 59. Book of Preconditions

Chapter 60. Book of Wills

Chapter 61. Book of Jihad and Military Expeditions

Chapter 62. Book of Khumus

Chapter 63. Chapters on the Jizya and Truces

Chapter 63. Book of the Beginning of Creation

Chapter 64. Book of the Prophets

Chapter 65. Book of Virtues

Chapter 66. Book of the Virtues of the Companions

Chapter 67. Book of Expeditions

Chapter 68. Book of Tafsir

Chapter 69. Book of the Virtues of the Qur’an

Chapter 70. Marriage

Chapter 71. Divorce

Chapter 72. Maintenance

Chapter 73. Foods

Chapter 74. The ‘Aqiqa

Chapter 75. Book of Slaughtering and Hunting

Chapter 76. Book of Sacrifices

Chapter 77. Drinks

Chapter 78. The Book of Patients

Chapter 79. The Book of Medicine

Chapter 80. The Book of Dress

Chapter 81. The Book of Adab

Chapter 82. Book of Asking Permission to Enter

Chapter 83. Book of Supplications

Chapter 84. Book of Riqaq (Hadiths which produce mercy in the heart)

Chapter 85. Book of the Decree (Qadar)

Chapter 86. Book of Oaths and Vows

Chapter 87. Book of the Expiation of Oaths

Chapter 88. Book of Shares of Inheritance

Chapter 89. Book of Hudud

Chapter 90. Book of Blood money

Chapter 91. Book of those of the People of Unbelief and Apostasy who wage war

Chapter 92. Book of Asking apostates and those who separate themselves in obstinate rebellion to repent and fighting them

93. Book of Coercion

94. Book of Legal Devices (Hiyal)

95. Book of Dream Interpretation

96. Book of Trials

97. Book of Judgements

98. Book of Wishing for Things

99. Book of Holding Fast to the Book and Sunna

100. Book of Tawhid (the belief that Allah is One in His Essence, Attributes and Actions)


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