Qasida | Futuhat: Asughu fi madhihi – أصوغ في مدحه | Sh. Muhammad al Yaqoubi



I mould in his praise the most beautiful poems,
But it is not other than him dictating them to my mind.

I weave a cloak for him from the fabric of my rhymes,
And I embellish it with the embroidery of his qualities

All beauty and any attraction that is in it
Is borrowed with his permission from his vessels

I dashed of this poem in haste inf the month of his birth.
It is out of his generosity that he allows me today.

Type of qasida: In praise of the Prophet ﷺ
Bahr: Basitالبسيط
مستفعلن فاعلن مستفعلن فاعلن
| /././/. | /.//. | /././/. | /.//. |

Maqam: Moroccan · Nahawand
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