Book | Hujwiri: Kashf al-Mahjub

Kashf al-Mahjub – An early Persian treatise on Sufism

by Ali al-Hujwiri
English: transl. by Nicholson | A.Javed
Urdu: translation (21MB) | Fazluddin-Gohar (69MB)
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I. Knowledge
II. Poverty
III. Tasawwuf (Sufism)
IV. The Dress of Sufis
V. Poverty and Purity
VI. Blame
VII. Imams amongst the Companions
VIII. Imams from the House of the Prophet (Ahl-i Bayt)
IX. The people of the Veranda (Ahl-i Suffa)
X. Mystics among the Followers (Tabieen)
XI. Mystics of Ancient Period
XII. Mystics of Recent Time
XIII. Modern Mystics of Different Countries
XIV. Doctrines of Sufism

Muhasibis 204
The Nature of Rida (Satisfaction)
Maqam (station) and Hal (state)
Sukr (Intoxication) and Sahw (Sobriety)
Ithar (Preference)
Reality of Nafs (Lower Soul) and Hawa (Passion)
Mortification of the Nafs (lower soul)
True Nature of Hawa (Passion)
Walayat (Saintship)
Karamat (Miracles)
Difference of Mujiza (Miracle) and Karamat
Performance of Miracles by Pretenders to Godhead
Proofs and Arguments on Karamat (Miracles)
Superiority of the Prophets over Saints
Superiority of the Prophets and Saints over Angels
Subsistence (baqa) and Annihilation (fana)
Absence (ghaybat) and Presence (hudur)
Union (jama) and Separation (tafriq)
Spirit (ruh)

XV. Uncovering of the First Veil: Gnosis (marifat)
XVI. Uncovering of the Second Veil: Unification (Tawhid)
XVII. Uncovering of the Third Veil: Faith (Iman)
XVIII. Uncovering of the Fourth Veil: Purification
Repentance (Tauba) and its Collieries
XIX. Uncovering of the Fifth Veil: Prayer (Salat)
– Love (muhabat) and its Connected Matters
XX. Uncovering of the Sixth Veil: Alms (zakat)
– Liberality and Generosity
XXI. Uncovering of the Seventh Veil: Fasting (sawm)
– Hunger and Matters Connected with it
XXII. Uncovering of the Eighth Veil: Pilgrimage (Hajj) 382
Contemplation (Mushahida)
XXIII. Uncovering of the Ninth Veil: Companionship, its Rules and Principles

Companionship and Matters Connected therewith
Rules of the Companionship of the Sheikhs
The Reality of Culture (Aadab)
Rules of the Companionship Affecting Residents 401
Rules of the Companionship in Travel 404
Rules of Eating 406
Rules in Movements 409
Rules of Sleeping 410
Rules of Sufis in Speech and Silence 415
Rules of Sufis about Requesting 418
Rules in Marriage and Celibacy 421

XXIV. Uncovering of the Tenth Veil: Phraseology and Meanings of the Terms
XXV. Uncovering of the Eleventh Veil: Audition (Sama)

Audition of Quran and Related Matters
Audition of Poetry and Related Matters
Audition of Melodious Voice
Principles of Audition
Various Opinions Respecting Audition
Different Grades of Sufis in the reality of Audition
Wajd, Wajud and Tawajud
Looking at youth
Rending Garment
Rules of Audition