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Education in the Era of Imam al-Nawawi

Education in the Era of Imam al-Nawawi

From a PdD thesis by Abdoullah al-Zouebi (Glasgow Univ. 1999)

The Educational field enjoyed revival and progress during the lifetime of al-Nawawi, despite the political changes and the major events in the region. Tth/ 13th Century, in which al-Nawawi lived was an era that witnessed an Increase in the number of scholars and publications in the various fields of knowledge. Damascus had a multitude of various schools and the four schools of Jurisprudence; The Hanafi, Mäliki, Shäfi’i and Hanbali, had their own schools. Most of the latter were affiliated to the Shäfifi school for the reason that after the advent of Ayyübis, the Shäfi’i school became very active and expanded widely in Egypt, Iraq and Syria (Saläh al-Din al- Ayyübi, himself was from the Shäffi school). Ibn Khaldün said: “The Shäfi’i rite was at its best and had a large appeal. At that time, scholars such as Mulyi al-Din al-Nawawi became famous under the aegis of the Ayyübi state in Syria. Among the scholars who emerged at that time were: ‘Izz al-Din bin ‘Abd al-Saläm, Ibn al-Rif’ah in Egypt, Taqiyy al-Din bin Daqiq al-‘id and Taqiyy al-Din al-Subki and others”. (Tärikh)

The Mamlüks devoted a lot of care to education, (more…)