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Book | Suyuti: On loud group dhikr

Natijatul Fikr fil Jahr bi al-dhikr – On loud group dhikr

By Imam Jalalud-Din al-Suyuti
نتيجة الفكر في الجهر بالذكر ﻟﻺمام الحافظ جلال الدين السيوطي


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This manuscript is located in the Sulmayniyya Library in Istanbul, Turkey
لمؤلف: عبدالرحمن بن أبي بكر بن محمد السيوطي
مكان وجود الأصل: تركيا – إستنبول – المكتبة السليمانية ( لالا إسماعيل 678 )
بداية المخطوط:
الحمد لله وكفى وسلام على عباده الذين اصطفى سألت أكرمك الله عما اعتاده السادة الصوفية من عقد حلق الذكر …
نهاية المخطوط:
… وإن عليهم من الآثام أمثال الجبال وإنهم ليقومون من الذكر ما عليهم منها شيء
رابط الموضوع:

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Book | Suyuti: On celebrating Mawlid

Husn al-Maqasid – On celebrating Mawlid

By Imam Jalalud-Din al-Suyuti
ﺣﺴﻦ ﺍﳌﻘﺼﺪ ﰲ ﻋﻤﻞ ﺍﳌﻮﻟﺪ ﻟﻺمام الحافظ جلال الدين السيوطي

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also in al-Hawi


In this book, the great scholar he has shed light on the historical and legal status of the Meelad Shareef in his own characteristic scholarly style. When such a great religious luminary takes up his pen to write on celebrating the Birth of the Noble Prophet (s), the result will be of a unique status and its every word will be a summary of his vast knowledge of Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Usul and history. Thus it would form the conclusive verdict of this subject.
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Mawlid Ayat

Mawlid Ayat

Verses in the Holy Quran

relating to The Messenger of Allah ﷺ
Compiled by bmk for the Damas Cultural Society

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Hizb al-Bahr

Hizb al-Bahr – The Litany of the Sea

View Arabic text as recited by Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi | MP3 | Youtube

The Litany of the Sea – حزب البحر – Hizb al-Bahr

by Sayyidi Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadhili (may Allah be pleased with him)
Recited by Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi


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Book | Nawawi: Al-Adhkar

by Imam al-Nawawi
بع الداد تشتري الأذكار
“Sell your home to buy al-Adhkar”

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Special Ayat

Special Ayat:
1- Ayat for healing – Ayat al-Shifa html
2- Ayat for warding off calamities
3- Du`at from the Quran beginning with Rabbana
4- Du`at from the Quran beginning with Rabbi

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Prayers of Foregiveness | Hasan al-Basri

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Ayat al-Shifa

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Selected Prayers for specific occasions

From “Selected Prayers”
by Dr Jamal A. Badawi, TaHa Publishers
Chapter 4: Du’as for Special Occasions
click on pages to enlarge
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Book | Jazuli: Dalail al-Khayrat

Dalail al-Khayrat

الامام الجزولي :دلائل الخيرات
Imam Muhammad b. Sulayman al-Jazuli
الامام الجزولي :دلائل الخيرات
Compiled as "Açıklamalı Delailü'l-Hayrat Salavat-ı Şerifler" by İbrahim Tozlu
Published by Semerkand Yayıncılık, 2013
Commentary: Kara Davud Delaili Hayrat Şerhi Çelik Yayınevi, 1999
امام الجزولى : دلائل الخيرات

Recitation by Ishaq Danis
Section 1  (mp3)
Section 2  (mp3)
Section 3  (mp3)
Section 4  (mp3)
Section 5  (mp3)
Section 6  (mp3)
Section 7  (mp3)
Section 8  (mp3)


  • Arabic text w/ sharh of Imam al-Sharnubi (pdf)
  • Arabic w/ Urdu translation(pdf)
  • English translation by A. Bewley)
  • English transliteration & translation (pdf)
  • Various languages: (
  • Beautiful manuscript
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    The Ḥadra

    Ḥadra means the heart being present with Allah. This is a pillar in the Path of the Sufis.

    It means to gather for remembrance of Allah – great and majestic is He – under the leadership of Sheikh or his deputy, called the Muqaddam. It begins with recital of the Noble Quran, then poetry and sayings of the Knowers of Allah, taken from the Quran and the Sunnah according to the understanding of Scholars such as Sheikh ‘Abd al-Ghanī al-Nāblūsī and Ibn al-Fāriḍ. Thereupon the congregation stands up for dhikr, and remain in a state of dhikr until the Sheikh or his Muqaddam signals its closure. Finally one of the brothers will recite some Ayat from the Noble Quran, and the Sheikh or his deputy will follow up by explaining them.

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