Book | Yaqoubi: The Moroccan Revelations – الفتوحات المغربية للشيخ محمد أبي الهدى اليعقوبي

The Moroccan Revelations

By His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi
الفتوحات المغربية للعلامة الشيخ محمد أبو الهدى اليعقوبي


Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi expresses in the most eloquent of ways his love and yearning for the Prophet of Islam ﷺ in an incredible masterpiece. Coincidentally the Arabic is compromised of 256 lines, the same number as the numerical value of the Divine name ‘Nur’ which is also a name of our Master, the Prophet of Islam ﷺ. He shows through his words the light of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, in all its understanding and beauty through the eyes of a true lover.

Signatora 2020 
ISBN: 978-1-913258-14-6 
Fihris 🞄 Sample

May these lines be shared far and wide!
The eloquence, the flow of words and meanings and secrets of this unique poem is truly a treasure that needs to be made known to the world.”


Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is renowned as a reviver of the Prophetic way and a clear voice advocating traditional Sunni Islam in the world today. He is mentioned as one of the forty most influential Muslim scholars in the world, as mentioned in the Muslim500 review of the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute.

He was born in Syria from a family of scholars that traces its lineage back to the Prophet ﷺ through the Idrisi lineage in Morocco.

A glimpse

“Everyone prides himself in whome he loves”

كل يغالي بمن يهوى


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Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi reading and commenting on his book

When ignorant people insult the Best of Creation ﷺ, the response those who know him and love him ﷺ is to sharpen their swords – that is: their pens – and excel in the description of his ﷺ beauty and perfection.

The response of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is to offer his own reading of his poem, “The Moroccan Revelations”, with an in depth commentary that allows us to accompany him on a personal journey to the Beloved of Allah ﷺ.


From Sahaib

Arranged and performed by Us. 'Ali al-Rabbahi
أداء للنخبة الوطنية للمديح والسماع برئاسة الاستاذ علي الرباحي

Here is my heart – هذا فؤادي
Maqam: Ghariba Husayn
Bahr: Basitالبسيط
مستفعلن فاعلن مستفعلن فاعلن
| /././/. | /.//. | /././/. | /.//. |


Every beautiful quality – وكل وصف جميل
Maqam: Raml Maya
Bahr: Basitالبسيط
مستفعلن فاعلن مستفعلن فاعلن
| /././/. | /.//. | /././/. | /.//. |


Every beautiful quality is included in him;
Every unique beauty that exists is a gift from him.
The secret of beauty was completed by him
And the meanings of the book of perfection were concluded by him.

I mould in his praise – أصغ في مدحه
Maqam: Nahawand
Bahr: Basitالبسيط
مستفعلن فاعلن مستفعلن فاعلن
| /././/. | /.//. | /././/. | /.//. |


I mould in his praise the most beautiful poems,
But it is not other than him dictating them to my mind.

I weave a cloak for him from the fabric of my rhymes,
And I embellish it with the embroidery of his qualities

All beauty and any attraction that is in it
Is borrowed with his permission from his vessels

I dashed of this poem in haste inf the month of his birth.
It is out of his generosity that he allows me today.

Save me with a gentle breath – أدرك بنفثة
Maqam: Zarikah
Bahr: Basitالبسيط
مستفعلن فاعلن مستفعلن فاعلن
| /././/. | /.//. | /././/. | /.//. |



Contents: Arabic&English | Preface: Arabic · English

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