Category: Sufism

Styles: Dhikr

Book | Hujwiri: Kashf al-Mahjub

Book | Hujwiri: Kashf al-Mahjub

“Kashf al-Mahjub” by Ali al-Hujwiri Early Persan treatise on Sufism English: transl. by Nicholson | A.Javed Urdu: translation (21MB) | Fazluddin-Gohar (69MB) More translations and editions: see ... Read More

Book | Qushayri: Risala

Commentaries: In 893/1488, Zakariya al-Ansari, who had an ijaza, for teaching the Risala that went back to Abu'l-Mahasin 'Abd al-Wahid ar-Ruyani, a pupil of al-Qushayri, wrote a commentary on ... Read More