Bio: Bilal ibn Ribâh al-Habashî

Bilal ibn Ribâh al-Habashî al-Qurashî al-Taymî

(d. 20 or 18 or 19 H.)
radiya Allah anhu




Freed slave of sayyiduna Abu Bakr, mu’adhdhin of the Prophet (s). He came to Sham as a mujahid during the caliphate of sayyidina `Umar and stayed there until he died. After the passing of the Prophet (s), he never gave the adhan again – except once: in the Umawi mosque.
He narrated 44 hadith from the Prophet (s).



Burial Place & Location

Sayyiduna Bilal is buried in the Bab Saghrir cemetry of Damascus – may Allah perfume his grave.


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