Bio: Abu Muslim al-Khawlani | أبو مسلم الخولاني

Bio: Abu Muslim al-Khawlani

Abu Muslim al-Khawlani

“The inburnable”
d. 62 H. in Daria, Damascus
أبو مسلم الخولاني
radiya Allah anhu


Prominent religious figure in Damascus, Syria. He was one of the ‘Eight Ascetics,’ who included Amir ibn Abd al-Qays, Abu Muslim al-Khawlani, Uways al-Qarani, Al-Rabi ibn Khuthaym, al-Aswad ibn Yazid, Masruq ibn al-Ajda’, Sufyan al-Thawrt ibn Said and Hasan al-Basri. [wiki]

It is recorded by Sheikh ‘Aa’id Abdullah al-Qarni that Al Aswad al `Ansi, a man in Yemen who claimed prophethood, asked Abu Muslim to believe in him and testify that he is a messenger. Abu Muslim told him: “I can’t hear a thing.” Al Aswad al `Ansi prepared firewood and threw him in fire. Abu Muslim said: Hasbuna’Llah wa ni`mal wakeel (Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best Protector” – the words that Muslims believe the prophet Ibrahim said when he was thrown in fire), so Allah made the fire cool and safe for him. [wiki 1]


Burial Place

lived in Darayya, burial place not in Sham
Ziarat al-Sham p. 125 ff


`AbdAllah b. Thawab the inburnable, yamini tabi [gfh] [1] Shaykh ‘Aa’id Abdullah al-Qarnee, Dialogue Between the Pious and the Wretched; also mentioned in Ibn al-Jawzi’s Sifat al-Safwa and Imam Ahmad’s al-Zuhd

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