Bio: Abu Muslim al-Khawlani | أبو مسلم الخولاني

Abu Muslim al-Khawlani

“the inburnable”
الإمام أبو مسلم الخولاني
radiya Allah anhu


Prominent religious figure in Damascus, Syria. He was one of the ‘Eight Ascetics,’ who included Amir ibn Abd al-Qays, Abu Muslim al-Khawlani, Uways al-Qarani, Al-Rabi ibn Khuthaym, al-Aswad ibn Yazid, Masruq ibn al-Ajda’, Sufyan al-Thawrt ibn Said and Hasan al-Basri. [wiki]

It is recorded by Sheikh ‘Aa’id Abdullah al-Qarni that Al Aswad al `Ansi, a man in Yemen who claimed prophethood, asked Abu Muslim to believe in him and testify that he is a messenger. Abu Muslim told him: “I can’t hear a thing.” Al Aswad al `Ansi prepared firewood and threw him in fire. Abu Muslim said: Hasbuna’Llah wa ni`mal wakeel (Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best Protector” – the words that Muslims believe the prophet Ibrahim said when he was thrown in fire), so Allah made the fire cool and safe for him. [wiki 1]



Burial Place

lived in Darayya, burial place not in Sham
Ziarat al-Sham p. 125 ff


`AbdAllah b. Thawab the inburnable, yamini tabi [gfh] [1] Shaykh ‘Aa’id Abdullah al-Qarnee, Dialogue Between the Pious and the Wretched; also mentioned in Ibn al-Jawzi’s Sifat al-Safwa and Imam Ahmad’s al-Zuhd

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