Bio: Bilal ibn Ribâh al-Habashî

Bio: Bilal ibn Ribâh al-Habashî

Bilal ibn Ribâh al-Habashî al-Qurashî al-Taymî

بلال بن رباح الحبشي القرشي التيمي
d. 20 or 18 or 19 H. in Damascus
radiya Allah anhu

Sahabi, buried in Maqbara Bab Saghir in Damascus


Freed slave of sayyiduna Abu Bakr, mu’adhdhin of the Prophet (s). He came to Sham as a mujahid during the caliphate of Sayyidina `Umar and stayed there until he died.

After the passing of the Prophet (s), he never gave the adhan again – except once: in the Umawi mosque.

He narrated 44 hadith from the Prophet (s).



Burial Place

Burial Place

Sayyiduna Bilal is buried in the Bab Saghrir cemetry of Damascus – may Allah perfume his grave.

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