Qasida | Ta’arrad – نفحات الإيمان | Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Qasida | Ta’arrad – نفحات الإيمان | Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Expose yourself to the Divine Breezes

Poem cast in 1402 H. / 1987 CE
By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi
نفحات الإيمان - شعر للعلامة الشيخ محمد أبي الهدى اليعقوبي سنة ١٤٠٢


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Bahr: Mutaqaribالمتقارب
فعولن فعولن فعولن فعولن
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Expanation of some lines of the poem by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi during a gathering in Slough, 20th May 2022


Approximate English translation by bmk

Expose yourself to the breezes from Allah
      And leave all other distraction from the True God
Then you will attain in front of your Lord the greatest rank
      This is the utmost wish of every servant

Know Allah in times of ease
      And do much dhikr, then duá
Then He will provide you with aid in times of adversity
      For no repentant servant who comes to Him is ever let down

Don’t let dunya and money busy you
      Nor an ego that likes the shimmer of pearls
From thinking of what will be the utlimate return
      For the day of Reckoning is drawing near

Your dunya is a prison and your life is a sleep
      And the time of your enjoyment is but a day or two
Wake up, for your life is but a dream
      And you lifespan is a shadow you see passing by

Blessed is he who is alert and alive
      Wanting to tear up the fetters, resisting
Who calls upon Allah (hayyan fa hayyan ??)
      This is the path to eminence and salvation

I thought of myself, and of existence (?)
      And thus I have ascertained that life is a shackle
and that mankind is sitting on embers
      and his (sada) being burnt by flames

I researched about the secret of life
      I read all the lines that are gathered (in books)
I layed under me space and folded the hights
      and excarvated in the earth of existence

I crossed the (fiafi) and the traversed the steep trails
      and travelled with the wild animals along the riverbeds
Eye witnesses (?) accompany my eyes ,
      the sleepnessness of a lover whose passion is grief

I am … with the leaves between the branches
      until I understood the secret of the fine twigs
And rain clouds almost formed in me
      due to the strong yearning and pain that befell me

(Awraqa) of the birds calling
      prevented me from harvesting
And my heart was given the drink of destruction
      Sighing and yearning I find but extreme thirst

Oh you caller to the truth, you are a lightning
      lighting up the path to salvation for us
Your are a warner from God who aproached us
      to polish all rust from our hearts

My God, I call upon You, so answer me
      You are so close to everything
Give me knowledge enlightening the narrow paths
      So that i can uncover every secret i see

My God, to you the is my hope and yearning
      And your compaasion is not faint
So say “Your are from those who are safe”
      And save heart from (the sins) it has comitted

My God, Your servant is hoping to connect
      Be gracious and and gift the heart nourishment from you
You are the All-Merciful, the Generous, Most High
      When You see him (the servant) You know his ailment

My God, i have cut relations with mankind so as to please You
      Here I am, a guest heading towards Your Sanctuary
So honor, o my God, a servant who comes to You
      For Your are what all existence is yearning for.

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