Qasida: Look at the birds in cages…

Qasida: Look at the birds in cages…

Bahariye Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul 3 Janary 2017



اما تنظر الطير المقفص يا فتى *** اذا ذكر الاوطان حن الى المغنى
فيفرج باالتغريد ما بفؤاده *** فتطرب الاغضاء في الحس والمعنى
ويرقص في الاقفاص شوقا الى اللقاء *** فيهتز ارباب العقول إذا غنى
كذلك ارواح المحبين يا فتى *** تهززها الأشواق للعالم الاسنى
انلزمها بالصبر وهي مشوقة *** وهل يستطيع الصبر من شاهد المعنى
فيا حادي العشاق قم واحد قائما *** ودندن لنا باسم الحبيب وروحنا
وسلم لنا فيم ادعينا لأننــــا *** إذا غلبت أشواقنا ربما صحنا
وصن سرنا في سكرنا عن حسودنا *** وان انكرت عيناك شيأ فسامحنا
فأنا اذا طبنا وطابت عقولنا *** وخامرنا خمر الغرام تهتكنا
فلا تلم السكران في حال سكره *** فقد رفع التكليف في سكرنا عنا


Look at birds when they are in cages,
When their homelands are mentioned, they yearn to them.
The bird by singing, it relieves what is in its heart,
As a result of this, the members of it all shake.
The bird in yearning it dances in its cage,
Just missing that meeting in yearning,
So it makes all people listening to in just dance in ecstasy.
Such is the case of the souls of the lovers, o man.
Yearning and longing make them shake,
Yearning to the sublime love makes them shake.
Shall we force their souls, the souls of the lovers to have patience while they are yearning?
Can anyone who witnessed their meaning have patience?
Oh singer of yearning! Stand up and sing, and mention,
Sing us the name of the Beloved and comfort our souls.
And surrender to us and submit to us
Don’t object to us in what we claim,
Because whenever souls are in a state of rapture, we might divulge some secrets.
When we are good and our selves are good in a state of ecstasy,
And when the wine of love is mixed with us,
Then we remove the veils.
Do not blame any intoxicated lover in his state of intoxication.
Because the lover in a state of intoxication is not tasked.

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